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Our mission at The Indiana Center for CBT is to provide a wide range of psychiatric and mental health services to prevent problems, and improve overall health. At ICCBT we do this by integrating psychotherapy, medications if needed, psychiatric services, individualized counseling, marriage or family therapy, nutrition, genetic testing, wellness and life coaching services.

We believe that the entire person needs to be taken into account instead of just one part of you.  ICCBT stays on the cutting edge of research and treatment options for all of your psychiatry and mental health needs. 

We were one of the first centers in Fort Wayne, Indiana to offer genetic testing and counseling as a component in understanding the best choice of treatment options.

Our founder, Dr. Sharon Clevenger is an Advanced Practice Clinical Nurse Specialist with graduate degrees in Integrative medicine, Psychology and Psychiatry as an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitiner. Dr. Clevenger completed a Doctor of Science in Integrative Healthcare which is a style of healthcare that combines traditional psychiatric medical care with advanced understanding of nutrition and chemical factors that can impact health. Dr. Clevenger is a leading expert in both cognitive behavior therapy and  psychopharmacology (psychiatric medication) which she teaches all over the world. She has assembled a team of therapists who are passionate about science-based practices to help you through your recovery process and wellness maintenance. If you are looking for a psychiatrist, a marriage and family therapist, an addiction counselor or a family or individual therapist, ICCBT can help. For a list of our clinicians, and their specialities, click on the "Our Team" link at the top of this page to learn more and to choose a therapist that best meets your needs. 

Call us to schedule an appointment today!  We are offering telehealth sessions and in-person sessions. Please call the office at 260-969-5583 or email us at cbt@iccbt.org to schedule or change an appointment. The administrative staff will be available to answer any question you may have or if you are in need of a medication refill. If you have to leave a voicemail, we will return your call within 24 hours.

Please see the appointments page for the patient paperwork and information about what to expect before your first appointment.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for the right psychiatrist or therapist for you or a family member, and hope you will contact us if we can be of any assistance. 

For more information: Contact us at: cbt@iccbt.org  or 260-969-5583

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